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This weekend I got to go camping in Zion National Park, and it was amazing! I had so much fun with my friends and I won't soon forget our moments spent hiking and hanging out and making s'mores. One night, as we were sitting around the campfire, someone was referring to the "bonfire" we'd built, but they misspoke and called it a "bondfire" by accident. We then had a good laugh talking about what a bondfire would look like - with all the actors who have played James Bond sitting around a campfire (Get it?! BONDfire?) I love James Bond and wordplay, so I was particularly tickled by this idea. That is how this drawing came to be.

It's meant to be Sean Connery on the left, Roger Moore in the middle, and Daniel Craig on the right, although Sean's face looks kind of like a weasel here. I've been trying to draw that guy for like 17 years and I've never quite been able to master it. I would have drawn the other three Bonds, but I had a hard enough time drawing these three...and let's be honest, these Bonds probably saw "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" and didn't invite George Lazenby to the party. And I was such a fan of Pierce Brosnan in the beginning...but that was before he drove invisible cars and surfed. He made James Bond surf. Disqualified from the Bondfire! I'm thankful Daniel Craig has brought some more street cred to the series now. It was fun drawing such a tough guy roasting a marshmallow. And if anyone's wondering, Sean is whittling a gun out of a piece of wood. That's what's happening over there. I imagine Roger Moore's Bond being the chatty one that gets on the others' nerves.

I like this drawing a lot - mainly because I love James Bond, so it's extra-funny to me. But sometimes with ridiculous pictures like this, my mind starts to wander and I can't help but wonder if anyone else has drawn this before. I think I might be the first person in history to ever draw James Bonds sitting around a campfire! It's a weird thought. But in this day and age, I think it's pretty cool to create something that hasn't been done before...even if it's something as preposterous as a 007 Bondfire.

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