3D Bugs

7:57 AM

Yesterday I was reading this article about an artist named Fredo and his amazing 3D art...it made me want to try it. I knew that I wouldn't be able to perfect it right away, but I gave it my best shot! For some reason I decided to draw ladybugs (I wanted something that could be flying above the paper) but it turns out that I don't really know how to draw ladybugs very well. The big one looks like a kidney bean wearing a spotted cape. I think the photo above is the one that looks the most realistic, whereas when you look at the image head-on (below) it obviously looks less 3D. I'm intrigued by this technique and I'd love to try it out on something more than ladybugs some day. Like snails, maybe. Or frogs. Or a teeny-tiny little Sean Connery waving at me from my desk...

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  1. I like it! Nice ladybugs. I just stumbled upon your site because I was looking up "hamster in a tuxedo" out of curiosity. Nice work!

    1. Ha! I love that you got here via "hamster in a tuxedo"!


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