The Hills

8:17 AM

This is the second in a series I did of various locations around Forest Home. This is a spot that overlooks the creek and has a great view of the mountains, making those fun red chairs a wonderful place to spend an afternoon. My favorite thing about this spot is that it's right by where my office is supposed to go if there's a fire drill. It's our evactuation location. I've come to really love and look forward to our fire drills, since it means I get to spend an hour in this beautiful spot! I bring snacks. And a sketchpad. It's great. It reminds me to be thankful that I get to work in such a beautiful place.

Arwen & Aragorn

8:10 AM

This is a drawing I did last year, but I don't think I ever posted it. It's from when I was drawing different movie characters in different cartoon styles (which is one of my favorite projects I've ever done!) This was one that I always thought needed improvement, but at this point I think this is as good as it's going to get. It's meant to be Arwen and Aragorn from Lord of the Rings. I'm always a little bit proud and ashamed in the same instant whenever I see the letters "LOTR" and I immediately know what it stands for. Is that just me? Anyway, I drew these guys in the style of the Peanuts characters, specifically Lucy and Schroeder. I like it, but I think the biggest problem is Arwen's dress. In Peanuts all the girls have short dresses, but Arwen is always wearing a long dress...ahhh, the dilemmas of being an artist!...

Snow(man) Cone

7:46 AM

On days like this, I feel silly trying to "explain" my drawings.
It's a snowman. But he's stuck in an ice cream cone! He's wearing a cherry as a hat! The hilarity!
It's self-explanatory, so I won't insult your intelligence by trying to explain it further.
It was what I felt like doodling, and that's about all there is to it!

Jeff's Dimples

7:41 AM

Have you ever noticed how deep Jeff Probst's dimples are?! 
They are massive. These are some giant dimples, people. Like charming little canyons in his face.
I think they might even be large enough for gnomes to hide in, as shown above.

(I have no excuse for the ridiculousness of this drawing, other than the fact that I've been watching a lot of old Survivor episodes lately, plus the new current season, and I've got Survivor on the brain!)

Tie-Kite Chess Appleball Branches

7:54 AM

This is an odd doodle that I came up with the other day. I felt like drawing but didn't have anything in particular that I wanted to draw, and I ended up with this. There's not a whole lot of meaning to it, but I like that it reminds me of Salvador Dali's famous painting with all the melting clocks. The necktie in the middle was originally going to be a road, all wavy and weird, but then I decided to make it a tie instead. I had an art project in college where I had to designate symbols for the things and people in my life that I loved (oh, art class...) and it led me to designate that an apple would be my mom's official symbol (because she really loves apples and they always remind me of her), and home plate would be my dad's (because of his love for baseball.) It was a weird assignment. But the point is, sometimes I still work apples and home plates into my pages of doodles, and I like that it's like a little secret code of love for my mom and dad. Like a doodle shout-out in parent hieroglyphics!


Herr Zeller

7:48 AM

This is another guy I drew while watching the Sound of Music the other day. 
I actually started out drawing Herr Zeller (this guy, one of the Sound of Music nazis.)
I drew the profile and the slicked-back hair...but I accidentally made him too cute, and I just couldn't do it. I couldn't draw that ridiculous mustache on his face to make him more Herr-Zeller-like. So I left his face in its pretty state, and decided instead to make him a young man staring off into the distance. Sometimes artwork evolves as you're drawing it. Sometimes sketches turn from a nazi into a nice young man in a sweater vest. Actually, that's something else that has "evolved" in this drawing - I think I meant to make him wearing a button-down shirt underneath a sweater (at least, that's how I drew it at the bottom of the shirt/sweater) but I didn't draw a top to the sweater portion, or it's kind of a shirt that evolves into a sweater-over-a-shirt. It's like an optical illusion. Riveting, I know. Did I mention I get to go to the Hollywood Bowl Sound of Music Sing-a-long on Saturday?!


The Sound of Muscles

8:18 AM

This weekend is going to be a good weekend.
I know, because I'm going to the Sound of Music Sing-a-long at the Hollywood Bowl. Thousands of people cram into the seats and watch the movie "The Sound of Music" together, singing along with all the songs and hissing every time the Baroness comes on screen. I've been once before, and we had the BEST time.

I watched a little bit of The Sound of Music yesterday, sort of "preparing" for this Saturday. Like stretching before the big game. And I was struck by how much of a little boy Friedrich is. When I was a kid, I thought he was a STUD. He was older and taller and really wore those lederhosen like he meant business. In my mind, he looked more like the guy drawn above. But in reality, he's just a little, scrawny kid! I prefer the version in my memories, but I'm sure my heart will still skip a beat every time he appears on the big screen on Saturday night...

Gare Bear

7:56 AM

Sometimes my coworkers lovingly refer to our CFO, Gary, as "Gare Bear."
We're a real nicknaming crowd. I have like 5 different nicknames from these people, most of which are based on obscure references and take a long time to explain. So Gare Bear, as ridiculous as that nickname is, has stuck. It got me thinking about what a Gare Bear might look like. Personally, I've always imagined him as one of the Care Bears, with a little dollar sign on his tummy and taking care of the finances on his little cloud computer in Care-A-Lot, as shown here.



7:43 AM

This weekend I got to go camping in Zion National Park, and it was amazing! I had so much fun with my friends and I won't soon forget our moments spent hiking and hanging out and making s'mores. One night, as we were sitting around the campfire, someone was referring to the "bonfire" we'd built, but they misspoke and called it a "bondfire" by accident. We then had a good laugh talking about what a bondfire would look like - with all the actors who have played James Bond sitting around a campfire (Get it?! BONDfire?) I love James Bond and wordplay, so I was particularly tickled by this idea. That is how this drawing came to be.

It's meant to be Sean Connery on the left, Roger Moore in the middle, and Daniel Craig on the right, although Sean's face looks kind of like a weasel here. I've been trying to draw that guy for like 17 years and I've never quite been able to master it. I would have drawn the other three Bonds, but I had a hard enough time drawing these three...and let's be honest, these Bonds probably saw "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" and didn't invite George Lazenby to the party. And I was such a fan of Pierce Brosnan in the beginning...but that was before he drove invisible cars and surfed. He made James Bond surf. Disqualified from the Bondfire! I'm thankful Daniel Craig has brought some more street cred to the series now. It was fun drawing such a tough guy roasting a marshmallow. And if anyone's wondering, Sean is whittling a gun out of a piece of wood. That's what's happening over there. I imagine Roger Moore's Bond being the chatty one that gets on the others' nerves.

I like this drawing a lot - mainly because I love James Bond, so it's extra-funny to me. But sometimes with ridiculous pictures like this, my mind starts to wander and I can't help but wonder if anyone else has drawn this before. I think I might be the first person in history to ever draw James Bonds sitting around a campfire! It's a weird thought. But in this day and age, I think it's pretty cool to create something that hasn't been done before...even if it's something as preposterous as a 007 Bondfire.

The Creek

8:06 AM

This is a drawing I did of the creek at Forest Home.
A friend asked me to draw it for her before she moved away, and I was happy to oblige. Forest Home is a beautiful place that means a lot to her, and to me, and a lot of people, and it was cool to try to capture that with a pencil and paper. I drew it by hand and then colored it in photoshop (I finally figured out a technique for coloring sketches in photoshop that I like to use) and it ends up creating a separate color layer that can be pulled apart from the line drawing if needed. At the end of it all, I think it's kind of cool to look at them both individually:



7:47 AM

I drew this a week or two ago, and it's quickly become one of my favorites.
The textured background is a little outside my sketchy-doodle wheelhouse (as I normally just draw things with pen and ink) but I like that I was able to overlay enough textured layers to create a weathered look, something that I wouldn't have been able to create with just my trusty pen!


Wading Trees

7:52 AM

Someday soon I'll start drawing things other than trees, I promise.
But alas, today is not that day. 


7:57 AM

This is a mom and baby elephant drawing I recently did for Forest Home's mother/daughter conference.
I couldn't help but think of all the sad, sappy scenes in Dumbo as I was drawing it...But I like the end result. I don't draw elephants very often, and I wasn't sure I'd be able to convey elephant-affection on their cartoony elephant faces. But they look happy enough, and I like these cute little elephants and their little trunk heart. 

Elf Man

8:03 AM

When I drew this, I was wondering if someone could still be a famous celebrity if they had elf ears, and if their ears would hurt or help their career. I concluded that it could be totally normal and someone could still successfully be a celebrity with elf ears. It would be endearing, right? We all loved Elijah Wood when he had hobbit ears...I'm pretty sure we all agreed on that. But I will say, it's only endearing if someone's born with it. If someone has surgery to make their ears elf-like, (like when people file down their teeth to look like vampires) that is creepy-town. For sure.



7:51 AM

I know, I know, I draw trees allllllll the time! They're my go-to drawing. But they don't always have brainy-looking clouds oozing out from under them, do they? That's new! Today's picture was inspired by a t-shirt I saw recently. It's this cool shirt with a hand-drawn image of waves and trees or be honest, I don't really remember what the drawing was - just that it was a big drawing that took up the whole front of the shirt, and I remember thinking that I could have drawn it. I kept thinking about that shirt all day, sort of mad that I didn't think to draw that cool shirt first, before the person who drew it (does everyone else think this way?) So I decided to remedy this with my own could-be-a-shirt-someday drawing. I mean, I know this isn't the coolest shirt ever, and it's still not nearly as cool as the other shirt I saw...but I've always loved the dream of designing t-shirts, and it was fun to go through the motions with this drawing.


3D Bugs

7:57 AM

Yesterday I was reading this article about an artist named Fredo and his amazing 3D made me want to try it. I knew that I wouldn't be able to perfect it right away, but I gave it my best shot! For some reason I decided to draw ladybugs (I wanted something that could be flying above the paper) but it turns out that I don't really know how to draw ladybugs very well. The big one looks like a kidney bean wearing a spotted cape. I think the photo above is the one that looks the most realistic, whereas when you look at the image head-on (below) it obviously looks less 3D. I'm intrigued by this technique and I'd love to try it out on something more than ladybugs some day. Like snails, maybe. Or frogs. Or a teeny-tiny little Sean Connery waving at me from my desk...


My Photoshop Roots

7:54 AM

I thought twice about posting this picture, because the embarrassment level is just so high. But I also think it's so funny that it might be worth sharing. This is a picture that I poorly photoshopped when I was in high school. It's me and JC from 'N Sync, who I was madly in love with at the time. This is just one of many pictures that I photoshopped myself into so that I could be with JC. I learned photoshop for stuff like this! I know it's kind of weird now. (When I was 16, it was cuter. Just know that I was doing this instead of doing drugs, so then it seems like a great option.) I think the most embarrassing part of this photo isn't even the fact that it's me and JC - it's that we're in a hammock with puppies in our laps. Yeeeesh. Couldn't I come up with a better photo to superimpose us into?! Remember - I was 16. This probably seemed like "the dream." Me and JC, swinging in the breeze on a hammock with our SIX puppies, sippin' on some lemonade....Yikes. I think my dreams in life have changed a bit, and I'm pretty confident that that's okay. You'd be more worried about me if they hadn't.

Moooooore Babies!

8:00 AM

Whew! I added the final two children to my drawing of all my friends' babies. Yeah, that's right. There are NINE of them! If my life was a soap opera it could be called "All My Friends' Children." We hang out pretty regularly and it's like we're constantly doing some sort of head count to make sure nobody's run into the pool or hiding in the dryer. It's chaos, but it's wonderful. These kids are legit adorable. Jack and Macyn are the two that I added in this update, down in front. Jack's trademark is his big, adorable brown eyes, and I personally enjoy his "bewildered" look that he does often. I like when babies look concerned. And I drew Macyn in a tiny little romper because she wears rompers sometimes, and rompers are amazing. Are adult rompers coming into style? Because I'm a big fan of overall-shorts and I think those are basically the same thing. I'm digressing. The more important thing (more important than overall-shorts, you ask?) is that our baby tally just got one baby bigger - soon we're going to have a precious little girl named Truly here with the bunch! So in a little while she might join the campfire scene with the rest of the brood. Also, the campfire itself might join the gang, so Olivia doesn't look so crazy with that skewer to nowhere. Until then... 


7:43 AM

This was a fun project - I got to help with the artwork for the 2011 Briefing conference at Forest Home.
Josh Avis did the design work for the piece above and Nate Eaton prepared the image for the shirt below, but I drew the little bird and branch! It's so fun for me to get to be a part of things like this...I still get giddy when anything I do ends up on a shirt. And I originally gave Josh a scribbled little bird and branch and words on a blank piece of paper, but he made it look so much cooler with the green background! Those boys, they make everything look good. It's fun getting to work with the Forest Home marketing team as often as I do, and I genuinely like the Briefing shirt. I mean, I've seen a lot of camp shirts in my day...and this one is simple and cute and I like it a lot.


B is for Bowl Cut

7:30 AM

This is the beginning of "B is for Bowl Cut," the latest in my letter series.
I haven't done one of these in a while. There are strong odds that I'm never going to get through the whole alphabet. But I'm trying. Although I might have to rework parts of this drawing...did you notice how the hand with the shears is like a little baby hand compared to the boy's hand? Maybe he's getting a haircut from a gnome or something. Or a toddler. OR I could just redo it and make the hand normal-sized...lots of options. I think I'm gonna' go with the gnome.


Suave Hamster

7:47 AM

Today's post is just a look at some of the "artwork" I'm asked to create for my job sometimes.
A few summers ago, I was asked to create an image of a hamster in a tuxedo. 
Yeah. That's right. You heard me. I love stuff like this. I loved giving him his cute little hamster chest hair.
I photoshopped the hamster onto this fine-looking picture of Daniel Craig below.
We ended up not using my final image because we agreed it looked really weird and creepy with his big ol' long human arms, but I still like that this is in my portfolio. If I ever apply for a job where I'd have to regularly superimpose rodents into clothing, I'll be prepared. 

Xerox Doodle

7:56 AM

The copier in my office prints a Xerox cover sheet every time I print something to that copier.
Sometimes I like to decorate the cover sheets a bit, to make my work documents slightly prettier.
I enjoy drawing random doodles and characters climbing around on the word "xerox." 
Like a circus elephant and baby Jesus, for instance...and a really tall skinny diver.

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