Wooden Canvas

7:48 AM

Lately I've been painting on pieces of wood a lot. It's significantly easier for me than using canvas - since it's so flat, I can use an average ballpoint pen for fine lines. With canvas I feel like I always have to use a paintbrush, which is not my calling in life. I also enjoy the use of wood stain, which, you know, isn't very effective on canvas.

My favorite part about this drawing is the car. It's a Scout II. My friend Matt drives one, and I drew/painted/stained this drawing for him after he lent me a sander so I could smooth down some pieces of wood for future artwork...but back to the car. It's the coolest car ever. I think it was made in the seventies and it's perfect for driving around the mountains all the time, as Matt tends to do. It's a tough car. A boy car. (And sometimes when you go for a ride and Matt is driving, it's like you're riding the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. Especially if it's icy out.) It's a car worthy of including in artwork, so that's just what I did.

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