She's the Tweetest.

7:58 AM

This comic was inspired by my mom, who inspires so many wonderful things...
As I mentioned recently that I needed to get a hold of my friend, she asked "Can't you just tweet her about it?" which I thought was so adorable. (Twitter is less of a send-a-message-to-someone program and more of a "Hey, come listen to what I have to say about myself" program. And you're limited to 140 characters, so it's not a practical way to deliver detailed information.) But it wasn't the lack of twitter knowledge that I was endeared to - I just loved that my mom was making an effort to "speak my language." Like she always does. In high school that meant being able to ask insightful questions about 'N Sync or the Spice Girls, and these days it means she knows how to carry on a conversation about Tina Fey or the latest season of Survivor. But without fail, she is always making an effort to be involved in whatever I'm involved in...even something as silly as twitter.

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