The Republic

7:58 AM

My friend Josh is very smart. And sometimes he tries to have smart conversations with me.
I say "tries" because I can't always keep up. It's like everything that I don't know is somehow revealed when Josh and I are talking. Like all my lack-of-knowledge floats to the surface around him. Yesterday he and I were talking about voting and politics (my worst subject ever, ever, ever) and he of course was saying smart things, 95% of which I understood. (For his sake, I want to clarify that his conversation was much more intelligent than the mumbo-jumbo I threw in the comic...I don't know how to recreate intelligent political conversation.) But he mentioned a "republic" at one point, and I had to wikipedia it later (yes, I use wikipedia as a verb) to figure out exactly what that word means. I knew it was something governmenty, but that's about as much as I could tell you. And I was giggling to myself that all I could think of was Queen Amidala from Star Wars, because she's always going on and on about the Republic (granted, she's referring to the Galactic Republic, but...I'm getting a little too nerdy here.) Anyway, Josh answers all my computer questions and helps me fix things, and occasionally he even teaches me a thing or two about politics! Or republics. Even Star Wars republics.

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  1. I love this comic. I very much the same way. People assume I know Waaaaay more than I do cause Im a good smile and nod kinda guy. I might even ask a generic but witty question, but still I have no idea whats going on! lol

    1. Totally! I do a lot of smiling and nodding...


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