My Groove

7:56 AM

Yesterday I went dumpster-diving! Legitimately. I was in a dumpster for at least half an hour yesterday. Maybe longer. Now, since I know my mother is cringing with every word I type, let me explain...There's a certain dumpster at work that I always keep my eye on. It's a giant dumpster, maybe ten feet tall and...I can't judge dimensions...20 feet long? And ten feet wide? I don't know. It's big. You could live very comfortably inside it if it was a boat. And it's not a trash dumpster. Let me be clear about that. Noooo trash in there. Well, except it's all trash, but not the stinky, gross kind. It's all furniture and appliance trash. Like, old-desks-and-lamps trash. And that's a whole different ballgame. The odds of catching a dumpster-transmitted-disease decrease significantly when it's furniture and not garbage.

So anyway, I cast my pride aside and climbed in. I've been on the hunt for wooden things, and yesterday this dumpster was filled with broken desks and shelves and cabinets and drawers and I took so much stuff. I was climbing all over everything and I felt a little crazy as I loaded a bunch of used boards and planks into my car. I'm totally turning into an old lady with a weird craft hobby (next thing you know, I'll be making puppets out of popsicle sticks and twine...) I just like to paint on wooden things, and it's starting to become a real habit. You could say I'm in a rut, but I prefer to say I've found my groove! Today's post is one of my latest...maybe a little too plain, but I like the simplicity of it.

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