Josh, Heather, and Macyn

7:53 AM

 This is a family portrait of my friends Josh and Heather and their daughter Macyn. 
I started it a while ago, in FEBRUARY. Where does the time go?! I thought it had been a month or two since I last worked on it, but no, it's been six months. Soooo...sorry to keep you waiting, Josh and Heather, but here it is! Even now, it still doesn't do them justice because they are way better-looking in person. Just want to make sure everyone knows that. Way better-looking. I thought today would be an appropriate day for this artwork to be displayed, as it is Josh's last official day working at Forest Home. This seemed like a suitable sendoff to commemorate how much I have enjoyed being his coworker, and how happy I am to be friends with this family.

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  1. ANNIE! This is so great. I LOVE it. You're the best, really the best! So, as you now know, you'll need to be tweaking it soon! YEA and YEA! Love you talented and awesome and beautiful friend.


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