I might be an artist after all.

7:54 AM

My senior project in college (as an art major) featured the tagline "I am not an artist. I just like to draw."
For some reason, I've never liked the term "artist." I resist it. Despite my life-long love for doodling, I've never wanted to identify myself that way. Just the word "artist" makes me picture all my hippie art classmates from high school - shuffling around the classroom barefoot, paint and charcoal smeared on their faces as they painted with their eyes closed...I just didn't fit with them (I had a legit art teacher in high school, and she really encouraged us to get messy and immersed in it...I always resisted.) I like mechanical pencils, crisp lines, a clean workspace, and I didn't want to experiment with pastels or charcoal or or paint. End of story. I am not an artist. I just like to draw.

This morning my friends' adorable 4-year-old daughter came up to me and said "Annie, I didn't know you were an artist!" like it was a shocking discovery. And I laughed and asked "Why do you think I'm an artist?"
She shrugged and said "I think God just made you that way." This warmed my heart. Whenever I read any kind of slogan that says something like "Live the life you were created for," I immediately think about art. Not that I was created solely to be an artist (as I think there are much bigger purposes in life), but I do think it's a part of who I am. A big part. And I should embrace it more than I do.
Even if it means calling myself an artist.

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  1. I've always thought of you that way - my house is decorated in Annie-ART. Embrace the name ARTIST. xxxxx mismom


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