Friends With More Babies

8:04 AM

These are the latest baby-additions to my drawing of all my friends' babies that I get to hang out with.
I added four more - Iris, Evelyn, Adeline, and Charlotte - and there are still more to come! I still want to re-work some of their faces (odd sentence) because they don't look quite right, but this is where I'm at so far. Then I'll add a campfire, so it becomes a drawing of children playing near fire without supervision. Perfect. Totally cool. For the time being, I had to color the chocolate that Iris is getting into, because otherwise it looked like she had facial hair (which she does not). But originally I wasn't planning on coloring this illustration...we'll see if I get my second wind!

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  1. they all look funny anyway.. !! haha cute..

  2. I love this!! Can I please buy a copy to put in Collin's camping room when you are finished? You're online store accepts paypal right?! ;)

  3. Oh and in case you thought their faces needed to be re-done, I showed this to Collin. I just asked "who are these kids?" and he named everyone right without prompting (well, except Charlotte, but he did say Baby). :)

  4. Heather, you can of course have a copy.
    Especially since Collin actually recognizes everyone!

  5. Annie, do I even need to ask? Oh, and I LOVE it.


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