7:53 AM

I was drawing a bunch of dude doodles (dudles) for a project I'm working on, and this is the result.
I think it's funny enough that I just draw boys all over the page, but in retrospect I also get a kick out of the little doodles I drew in the margins. There are a couple random lips in there, and for some reason I started signing the name "Bryce" over and over. I don't have a crush on anyone named Bryce, I swear! It just felt good to write the name. Is that weird? I liked the capital B and the y, in particular. I also have an odd obsession with writing a lowercase Z in a box (shown repeatedly in the upper right.) I loooove writing cursive lowercase Zs in a box. What is that?! You can think it's weird. I don't blame you. It's totally weird. 

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  1. One looks like a combination of Harry Potter and Jay Leno...

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