Connery the Barbarian

8:00 AM

Today's post is going to be all over the place. I can already tell.
This whole post today is based off one sentence of an article I was reading, and I don't even remember what I was reading or where I read it. And just a disclaimer - I don't regularly read articles about Conan the Barbarian. But here we go.

A few days ago I read an article comparing Jason Momoa to a young Sean Connery.
Jason Momoa is the guy playing the title role in the upcoming Conan the Barbarian movie (which makes me say "Really, Hollywood?? Really? You thought we needed a Conan remake?"). So naturally I got a little defensive when I realized they were comparing this:
To this gloriousness:
Sean Connery is my favorite actor, so I feel the need to prove he's better-looking. 
His pecs aren't all weird and round like Conan's, so he's got that going for him.

But anyway - then I found an older picture of Jason Momoa and now I at least see the resemblance.
Why did I feel the need to actually research this? I don't know.
But big ol' crazy eyebrows seems to be their main shared feature:

So after alllll this, it made me want to draw a version of Conan the Barbarian 
that looked more like Sean Connery, which we have here:
There you have it. Connery the Barbarian.
Sometimes the end result is worth the journey, eh?

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  1. Sean would be touched by your defense of his superiority.


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