Cell Phone Cool

7:56 AM

Remember how we didn't used to have internet on our phones?
I know it was, like, soooo long ago...but I vaguely remember a time when people didn't regularly pull out their cell phones to check facebook messages while they're in the middle of a conversation with me. And people wore watches because they didn't have a time-telling phone in their pocket. And Nokia was a household name. And flip-phones were the coolest!...I remember those days of yore. But I admit that I too am guilty of cell-phone-over-usage. Sometimes. It's hard to resist. What if there are some new tweets I haven't checked? What if somebody posted a new funny video of cats on facebook? What if I miss it because I wasn't checking my phone every five minutes?! This drawing/collage is a reminder that, as cool as kitty cat videos are, it's not cool to be checking your cell phone every minute of the day.

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  1. I need this, Annie! I can't wait to buy it on Etsy!!


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