The Republic

7:58 AM

My friend Josh is very smart. And sometimes he tries to have smart conversations with me.
I say "tries" because I can't always keep up. It's like everything that I don't know is somehow revealed when Josh and I are talking. Like all my lack-of-knowledge floats to the surface around him. Yesterday he and I were talking about voting and politics (my worst subject ever, ever, ever) and he of course was saying smart things, 95% of which I understood. (For his sake, I want to clarify that his conversation was much more intelligent than the mumbo-jumbo I threw in the comic...I don't know how to recreate intelligent political conversation.) But he mentioned a "republic" at one point, and I had to wikipedia it later (yes, I use wikipedia as a verb) to figure out exactly what that word means. I knew it was something governmenty, but that's about as much as I could tell you. And I was giggling to myself that all I could think of was Queen Amidala from Star Wars, because she's always going on and on about the Republic (granted, she's referring to the Galactic Republic, but...I'm getting a little too nerdy here.) Anyway, Josh answers all my computer questions and helps me fix things, and occasionally he even teaches me a thing or two about politics! Or republics. Even Star Wars republics.

My Groove

7:56 AM

Yesterday I went dumpster-diving! Legitimately. I was in a dumpster for at least half an hour yesterday. Maybe longer. Now, since I know my mother is cringing with every word I type, let me explain...There's a certain dumpster at work that I always keep my eye on. It's a giant dumpster, maybe ten feet tall and...I can't judge dimensions...20 feet long? And ten feet wide? I don't know. It's big. You could live very comfortably inside it if it was a boat. And it's not a trash dumpster. Let me be clear about that. Noooo trash in there. Well, except it's all trash, but not the stinky, gross kind. It's all furniture and appliance trash. Like, old-desks-and-lamps trash. And that's a whole different ballgame. The odds of catching a dumpster-transmitted-disease decrease significantly when it's furniture and not garbage.

So anyway, I cast my pride aside and climbed in. I've been on the hunt for wooden things, and yesterday this dumpster was filled with broken desks and shelves and cabinets and drawers and I took so much stuff. I was climbing all over everything and I felt a little crazy as I loaded a bunch of used boards and planks into my car. I'm totally turning into an old lady with a weird craft hobby (next thing you know, I'll be making puppets out of popsicle sticks and twine...) I just like to paint on wooden things, and it's starting to become a real habit. You could say I'm in a rut, but I prefer to say I've found my groove! Today's post is one of my latest...maybe a little too plain, but I like the simplicity of it.


7:57 AM

To clarify, the title of today's post is pronounced "fla-min-girl", like "flamingo," not like "flamin' girl."
I had the idea for this drawing last weekend when I saw a really skinny girl crossing her legs, and it made me think of this. I gave her a giant nose so she'd have a bit of a "beak" and I thought it would be appropriate for her to wear a lot of pink.

Josh, Heather, and Macyn

7:53 AM

 This is a family portrait of my friends Josh and Heather and their daughter Macyn. 
I started it a while ago, in FEBRUARY. Where does the time go?! I thought it had been a month or two since I last worked on it, but no, it's been six months. Soooo...sorry to keep you waiting, Josh and Heather, but here it is! Even now, it still doesn't do them justice because they are way better-looking in person. Just want to make sure everyone knows that. Way better-looking. I thought today would be an appropriate day for this artwork to be displayed, as it is Josh's last official day working at Forest Home. This seemed like a suitable sendoff to commemorate how much I have enjoyed being his coworker, and how happy I am to be friends with this family.



8:10 AM

I did this drawing a few months ago for work, which was really fun. How often do people get to draw sasquatches for work? Not that often. But I had the pleasure of being tasked with drawing my friend Matt as a sasquatch...we called him "Mattsquatch." He would run around winter camp in the sasquatch costume and jump out to surprise campers...really, we're lucky to have jobs like this. I did a couple different Mattsquatch drawing renditions, but this was always my favorite. It's still up in my office. I like that he looks a little bit forlorn, but with the classic "Big Foot" walking pose. At one point I considered making his fur into a giant maze, which I still might do some day. Because mazes are awesome, right? Everyone loves a good maze. Especially a sasquatch maze!


The David Video

7:58 AM

This is something I'm SUPER excited to share. I got to help make a video for Forest Home's high school summer camp, and it turned out pretty wonderful. Michael Field (who you may know from my frequent drawings) wrote the script and the legendary Kyle White captured and edited the video. 
I got to do the sketching!

Lakeview Sunday (David Sketched) from kyle white on Vimeo.

It took about nine hours of filming! The video was captured from thousands of still pictures, meaning Kyle set up a camera to continuously take a photo every second, rather than filming it. So the whole time, we kept hearing "click, click, click"...but we got used to it. I was so nervous. I'd never really done anything like this before! We were in that dark room all day with nothing but the sound of the camera. We used three rolls of butcher paper and had our friend Greg there all day to pull the paper as I was drawing on it. That was his sole responsibility, to pull the paper. Michael would hold the pens up for me with their caps off so I didn't have to deal with it every time I switched a color. It was such a big production, but I like that we (the guys did all the work) took the time and effort to do it well. Students and families had such positive reactions to the video this summer, and I felt lucky to be a part of it.

This was our setup: 


Beauty Secrets

7:59 AM

This is based off real conversations I've had.
I'm slightly addicted to chapstick, and when I don't have it regularly, my lips get bright red.
Sometimes it even gets mistaken for lipstick, which always amuses me.
I find it humorous because it's like I'm at the other end of the spectrum - I want to say "What's that? You think I took the time to take care of myself and put on pretty lipstick? Oh, no, actually - it's the opposite. Instead, I've been neglecting myself to the point that my lips are chapped and acting out in rebellion!" But I suppose the smart thing to do would just be to nod and smile and say "Thanks! It's Cover Girl's 'Satin Berry Blush.' You should try it some time!" I'll see how that works.

Friends With More Babies

8:04 AM

These are the latest baby-additions to my drawing of all my friends' babies that I get to hang out with.
I added four more - Iris, Evelyn, Adeline, and Charlotte - and there are still more to come! I still want to re-work some of their faces (odd sentence) because they don't look quite right, but this is where I'm at so far. Then I'll add a campfire, so it becomes a drawing of children playing near fire without supervision. Perfect. Totally cool. For the time being, I had to color the chocolate that Iris is getting into, because otherwise it looked like she had facial hair (which she does not). But originally I wasn't planning on coloring this illustration...we'll see if I get my second wind!


She's the Tweetest.

7:58 AM

This comic was inspired by my mom, who inspires so many wonderful things...
As I mentioned recently that I needed to get a hold of my friend, she asked "Can't you just tweet her about it?" which I thought was so adorable. (Twitter is less of a send-a-message-to-someone program and more of a "Hey, come listen to what I have to say about myself" program. And you're limited to 140 characters, so it's not a practical way to deliver detailed information.) But it wasn't the lack of twitter knowledge that I was endeared to - I just loved that my mom was making an effort to "speak my language." Like she always does. In high school that meant being able to ask insightful questions about 'N Sync or the Spice Girls, and these days it means she knows how to carry on a conversation about Tina Fey or the latest season of Survivor. But without fail, she is always making an effort to be involved in whatever I'm involved in...even something as silly as twitter.

Friends with Babies

7:49 AM

Several of my friends have babies. By several, I mean pretty much every person I hang out with on a regular basis. They alllll have babies. I use the term "babies" loosely, as they range from ages infant to four, but it's easier to generalize that way. Friends with babies. It's kind of like that new Justin Timberlake movie "Friends with Benefits," except my life is "Friends with Babies." And I'm not friends with Mila Kunis. Anyway, I attempted to draw the brood a while ago, but I think it's time for an update. There are more babies to add.

Drawing friends always makes me a little nervous...Sometimes people take all the fun out of it when they take one look and say "Is that supposed to be ME?!" or "Do you really think my nose is that big?" So then the thought of drawing friends' children can seem even more daunting. But I'm going for it here, and I think it's turning out okay. So far I've drawn my little buddies Olivia, Collin, and Brody. There's going to be a camp theme, hence the marshmallow skewer that Olivia is currently roasting over thin air. And I know Brody's kind of staring into space there, but I love when babies have concerned looks on their faces. And Brody gives great concerned looks.

More baby sketches will be on the way soon...
I know you're on the edge of your seat!


7:51 AM

Whew! I added a "contact" tab to my bloggy blog (something I probably should have had since the beginning)  so now I can be contacted. You know, by email - not like backrubs and poking and stuff. I can't help but want to draw every element of my blog that I even though it's a little unnecessary to have an entire illustration to communicate a simple email address, this is how I roll. 


Conan O'Barbarian

8:07 AM

Come on, with all of yesterday's Conan the Barbarian discussions, this picture was just begging to be drawn. It's Conan O'Brien. Get it? It's sort of like's the other Conan. I am in no way trying to imply that  Conan O'Brien is any sort of barbarian - relax, Team Coco - no one's being insulted. But it was fun to draw, and it's funny to see his head on the "barbarian" body.

Hey, remember when that other version of Conan the Barbarian was the governor of California?
You can't make this stuff up.


Connery the Barbarian

8:00 AM

Today's post is going to be all over the place. I can already tell.
This whole post today is based off one sentence of an article I was reading, and I don't even remember what I was reading or where I read it. And just a disclaimer - I don't regularly read articles about Conan the Barbarian. But here we go.

A few days ago I read an article comparing Jason Momoa to a young Sean Connery.
Jason Momoa is the guy playing the title role in the upcoming Conan the Barbarian movie (which makes me say "Really, Hollywood?? Really? You thought we needed a Conan remake?"). So naturally I got a little defensive when I realized they were comparing this:
To this gloriousness:
Sean Connery is my favorite actor, so I feel the need to prove he's better-looking. 
His pecs aren't all weird and round like Conan's, so he's got that going for him.

But anyway - then I found an older picture of Jason Momoa and now I at least see the resemblance.
Why did I feel the need to actually research this? I don't know.
But big ol' crazy eyebrows seems to be their main shared feature:

So after alllll this, it made me want to draw a version of Conan the Barbarian 
that looked more like Sean Connery, which we have here:
There you have it. Connery the Barbarian.
Sometimes the end result is worth the journey, eh?


7:36 AM

I'm so excited about these, I just had to show you!
I had some magnets made, as a part of my future-online-art-business endeavors. I picked a few random drawings that I've done and had them made into little magnets! It took me a while to decide which drawings I should use, and not everything looked right on a little round magnet. I was sad to have to cut the beard of the lumberjack (so it would fit better) but I'm glad I did so you can see the details of his face. I think they're all so cute (even Mr. Mullet), and I keep holding the lot of them in my hands, like I'm lovingly adoring dozens of precious little magnet-babies.

People Taco

7:58 AM

This is a taco filled with very small people. I don't recall what my inspiration was for this particular illustration, other than I had a craving to sketch out a taco shell. And then it seemed so boring to fill it with normal ingredients, so I put some little people in there. This meal would be perfectly suited for a cannibal giant, or maybe a carnivorous dinosaur who has a flair for mexican food.

Cell Phone Cool

7:56 AM

Remember how we didn't used to have internet on our phones?
I know it was, like, soooo long ago...but I vaguely remember a time when people didn't regularly pull out their cell phones to check facebook messages while they're in the middle of a conversation with me. And people wore watches because they didn't have a time-telling phone in their pocket. And Nokia was a household name. And flip-phones were the coolest!...I remember those days of yore. But I admit that I too am guilty of cell-phone-over-usage. Sometimes. It's hard to resist. What if there are some new tweets I haven't checked? What if somebody posted a new funny video of cats on facebook? What if I miss it because I wasn't checking my phone every five minutes?! This drawing/collage is a reminder that, as cool as kitty cat videos are, it's not cool to be checking your cell phone every minute of the day.


Wooden Canvas

7:48 AM

Lately I've been painting on pieces of wood a lot. It's significantly easier for me than using canvas - since it's so flat, I can use an average ballpoint pen for fine lines. With canvas I feel like I always have to use a paintbrush, which is not my calling in life. I also enjoy the use of wood stain, which, you know, isn't very effective on canvas.

My favorite part about this drawing is the car. It's a Scout II. My friend Matt drives one, and I drew/painted/stained this drawing for him after he lent me a sander so I could smooth down some pieces of wood for future artwork...but back to the car. It's the coolest car ever. I think it was made in the seventies and it's perfect for driving around the mountains all the time, as Matt tends to do. It's a tough car. A boy car. (And sometimes when you go for a ride and Matt is driving, it's like you're riding the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. Especially if it's icy out.) It's a car worthy of including in artwork, so that's just what I did.


Cowboys & Aliens

7:19 AM

If anyone's wondering -
seeing Daniel Craig wear chaps for two hours is totally worth the price of a movie ticket.
Just sayin'.



7:36 AM

This is another "rough draft" I did because I had this idea for a painting and I wanted to see how it looked. I made this quick version in Adobe Illustrator, and now that I've seen it...I don't feel the need to make a real version. But it was fun to make, even as a rough draft! 

I never have much to say about basic tree drawings, which is a shame because like 90% of my drawings are trees. (That, or silly sketches of me getting into mischief.) But it's not like you need a long explanation... It's a tree. It has roots. Some of the roots are drippy. And now there's a little root-drop puddle. Plain and simple.



7:53 AM

I was drawing a bunch of dude doodles (dudles) for a project I'm working on, and this is the result.
I think it's funny enough that I just draw boys all over the page, but in retrospect I also get a kick out of the little doodles I drew in the margins. There are a couple random lips in there, and for some reason I started signing the name "Bryce" over and over. I don't have a crush on anyone named Bryce, I swear! It just felt good to write the name. Is that weird? I liked the capital B and the y, in particular. I also have an odd obsession with writing a lowercase Z in a box (shown repeatedly in the upper right.) I loooove writing cursive lowercase Zs in a box. What is that?! You can think it's weird. I don't blame you. It's totally weird. 


I might be an artist after all.

7:54 AM

My senior project in college (as an art major) featured the tagline "I am not an artist. I just like to draw."
For some reason, I've never liked the term "artist." I resist it. Despite my life-long love for doodling, I've never wanted to identify myself that way. Just the word "artist" makes me picture all my hippie art classmates from high school - shuffling around the classroom barefoot, paint and charcoal smeared on their faces as they painted with their eyes closed...I just didn't fit with them (I had a legit art teacher in high school, and she really encouraged us to get messy and immersed in it...I always resisted.) I like mechanical pencils, crisp lines, a clean workspace, and I didn't want to experiment with pastels or charcoal or or paint. End of story. I am not an artist. I just like to draw.

This morning my friends' adorable 4-year-old daughter came up to me and said "Annie, I didn't know you were an artist!" like it was a shocking discovery. And I laughed and asked "Why do you think I'm an artist?"
She shrugged and said "I think God just made you that way." This warmed my heart. Whenever I read any kind of slogan that says something like "Live the life you were created for," I immediately think about art. Not that I was created solely to be an artist (as I think there are much bigger purposes in life), but I do think it's a part of who I am. A big part. And I should embrace it more than I do.
Even if it means calling myself an artist.

Almost Escher

7:53 AM

You know what artist I really like? M.C. Escher. This guy:
File:Escher's Relativity.jpgFile:DrawingHands.jpg
I often forget about Escher when I'm thinking about the "great" artists of history, but he's definitely responsible for some great pieces of art. I love his "impossible object" drawings and sketches that don't really make sense. The rainbowy drawing above is one that I started with Escher in mind. Not that it comes close to being Escher-worthy, but I liked the idea of one thing turning into something else, turning into something else. And that's Eschery enough for me.


Skype Sales

7:55 AM

Some day, I'm going to sell art somewhere. This blog has been the beginning of the long process towards me doing something with it...Baby steps! This week my friends were urging me to sign up for a local craft fair and get a booth where I could sell some of my art. I've been working on a lot of projects lately and it seems like a cool idea to generate interest and make a few sales...but there's a catch. It would mean that I have to stand at my booth all day, trying to get people to buy my stuff. Yikes! That makes me so nervous. It feels like I'd be trying to sell myself. I don't know if I can do it. (No offense to anyone I may see at my booth some day - I'm sure we'll have a delightful conversation.)

But then my friends and I had a great idea - I should just set up a laptop with skype at my booth and I could talk to my customers from the comfort of my own home! That way, I could sell my art without having to actually interact with humans! Maybe it would generate mystique about me if no one ever met me - I'd be like the Banksy of the craft fair industry! I'm kidding, of course, but I thought the idea was so funny that I wanted to draw it so I wouldn't forget. 

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