"These Are My People!"

7:42 AM

I don't love waiting in lines. No one does. Sometimes it takes all my patience not to throw a tantrum in a slow-moving grocery store line. But sometimes, if the reward is great enough, I find line-waiting totally worth it. I'm one of those people who thinks it's worthwhile to wait in line for hours to get in to something special. When I was in high school (okay, fine, maybe college) it meant waiting all morning to meet JC from 'N Sync. I've spent many nights on the Tonight Show curb so that I could get a front row seat to see Sean Connery or No Doubt...or, again, 'N Sync. I've been to my share of midnight showings for movies. I love it - people walking around with elf ears and capes and lightsabers...Part of it is that I just really love fans. I love being around people who love the same thing that I do. And maybe that's the appeal of Comic Con for me. It's like one big party for the fans.

I heard that people have been in line for the Twilight panel since yesterday morning, and it doesn't take place until Thursday. Those are some pretty dedicated fans out there, and yes, I think they're a little crazy for loving Twilight that much. But gosh I admire their dedication. Even for Twilight. And every time I drive by a movie theater surrounded by tents of fans spending the night in line, I think the phrase "These are my people!" I know it's ridiculous, a tad dramatic - but I feel affection for them. It reminds me that I'm not the only person who thinks some things are worth sleeping on the sidewalk for...But then typically I get a closer look at the crazies in the tents, all un-showered and dressed like vampires or zombies or something, and I think "Okay, maybe they're not quite my people, but close enough."

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