So Long, Art O'Fannie

8:08 AM

This is a charming little leprechaun I drew in honor of my blog url changing.
For the past year, it's been "artofannie" at 
Art. Of. Annie.
Buuuuut of course I realize you can also read it differently, as it can alternatively be pronounced as the name "Art O'Fannie." Sounds like the name of a leprechaun. Sometimes my friends pronounce it "Art O'Fannie" on purpose to be funny. They're clever like that. I love them anyway. I would do the same if it was their blog. But in an effort to simplify things and make my blog address easier to remember, it's now simply Easy, right? Boom. That's how I roll. Now, I mean. Finally. After a year.

Hopefully the old url should be directing you to now, or it should happen pretty soon. 
So farewell, Art O''s been a swell time.

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