Modern Philip

7:53 AM

Yesterday's sketch of Harry Potter and the fairies from Sleeping Beauty made me think of Prince Philip (...the guy from Sleeping Beauty.) He's really the stud of the Disney bunch - what with his red cape and pointy hat and all...oh, and that one part where he fought Maleficent the dragon to save his one true love. And, as mentioned yesterday, Maleficent is the worst. If you can fight her, you can do just about anything.

This is a "modern" version of Prince Philip. I thought it would be funny to see a version of him in hip(ish) clothing instead of his normal medieval garb.This is the result. I know it's dorky that he has a phone clipped to his belt, but I thought something ought to take the place of his sword. All in all, I think he turned out just fine...and I've never found a gray sweater vest more attractive. 

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