Fun with Animals

7:53 AM

Ostriches always make me think of Swiss Family Robinson. Middle-brother Ernest rides one in the movie, and that's what I think of whenever I see an ostrich. (I don't have many points of reference for ostriches outside of zoos.) But I like to draw them, because I think their funny shape is interesting and unique and recognizable. Same goes for giraffes. Of course, these animals don't normally have umbrellas and lampshades for heads, but that's where I come in. I was just goofing around and came up with this design. I added the stripes to give the drawing some color, with the blue implying rain and the yellow hinting at the glow of the lampshade. I included the original drawing I did by hand, just to show the process. In this case I did a lot of the work in Photoshop and the actual sketches were pretty bare, as you can see below.

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