Comic Con Week!

7:48 AM

That's right, ladies and gentlemen - this week is Comic Con! I know you're excited.
It doesn't actually start until Wednesday night, but I'm starting the celebration a little early. This week will be dedicated to comic strip tales of my alter-ego Alex who is also going to Comic Con this week. Of course she is! She wouldn't miss it. Nerdily enough, I've actually been planning this week of blogging since last year's Comic Con. 

I know it's silly to make such a big deal out of such a seemingly ridiculous event. I don't even read comic books (any more) and I have no intentions of showing up in costume (which is consistently the first question people ask when they hear I'm attending.) Nope, no costume for me. I need there to be a higher ratio of people-in-costume-to-people-dressed-normally for me to feel okay about that sort of thing. Like Halloween. And even then, I'm starting to get past the age when costumes feel cool.

Aaaaanyway, I go to Comic Con because I love seeing movie and TV show casts in person. I think it's fun. The thought of being in the same room as the cast of Fringe makes me giddy. And also, my friends and I joke that I'm going to find my future husband at Comic Con, since I find it appealing when boys know a thing or two about superheroes, mutants, elves, and the like. That's sort of the focus of today's comic, but Alex goes a little bit farther with things than I will. (Don't worry, I always wait until at least the third date before I bust out any Jedi tattoos.) So in conclusion, Comic Con is a place where I feel right at home, and I look forward to sharing it with you via my dear smart-aleck, Alex.

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  1. Have a great time this week! Big Bang Theory is one of the shows I can watch here in English and I think of you every time they talk about Comic Con :)


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