Big Bag Theory

7:56 AM

This drawing is one big inside joke with myself, so let me unravel it for you a bit...
Recently my friend Laura (drawn on the right) gave me a purse. It was hers, but she said it was too small for her and she gave it to me. Laura is a mom, so she needs a little extra space in her purse for things like pacifiers, diapers, clothes, dolls, strollers, you name it. I, however, need room for keys, a phone, a wallet, and an occasional sketchbook. That's it. I really like the purse that Laura gave me, so I use it...but it's the biggest purse I've ever had. It takes me so long to find my phone in there. I think of it as my Mary Poppins purse, like I could pull out a lamp at any given time. 

On another note, I've been obsessed with Harry Potter lately. I watched all the movies last week and now I'm in full Potter-mode, ready to see the final film. Until then, I've got wizardry on the brain. Every time I pick up a pen, I momentarily think of it as a wand. Even yesterday at work, someone startled me at my desk and my first thought was grab your wand! so I could defend myself. (I know, yikes.) And if you've seen the most recent Harry Potter movie, you know that Hermione placed an "undetecable extension charm" on her little bag to make its inside much larger than the outside seems. It makes her little purse able to hold a lot more than it should, like Mary Poppins' purse. So now, every time I reach into my purse, I wonder if it has some sort of extension charm placed on it, because my keys are just that hard to find. Really, this whole thing is just me being dramatic and mocking myself for thinking my new purse is sooooo huge. 

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  1. I made the cut! I HAVE ARRIVED!


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