8:10 AM

I think my all-time favorite article of clothing is a pair of overall-shorts (I always called them short-alls) that I wore a lot in the late 90s. Overalls were cooler then. It didn't make me an automatic outcast like it might if I started wearing overall-shorts again today. They were so comfortable. I wanted to wear them every single day. Then one time I was running and they got caught on a door latch and it ripped a giant hole in them. I just froze where I was standing, looking down at my torn short-alls as if I'd just realized that a dear friend had a terminal disease. They were my favorite, but that was the end of them. In hindsight, overall-shorts are kind of just an adult-sized romper, disguised in denim...which is fantastic.

And sometimes when I have to get all gussied up for some big event, all I can think of are those short-alls. It's like my casual self is there in the mirror to remind me, "Hey, I bet you wish you were wearing overall-shorts right now." Because I do. But you just can't wear them to a wedding...or your company Christmas party...as much as I wish that was socially acceptable.

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