8:04 AM

I'm seeing the new X-Men movie tonight. The anticipation has got me thinking all about mutants and superpowers and the upcoming "Avengers" movie. This is sort of my version. It's like the Annie-version of the "Superfriends" - James Bond, Annatello, Cyclops, and Xena. That's my crew. Cyclops is the X-Men character I always had a crush on and Xena was one of my favorite shows when I was in high school (I watched it for a while before it started getting, I think she comes back from the dead somewhere around season 4, for example. I was long gone at that point.) James Bond was my FAVORITE in my jr. high years, and of course I don't need to go on about Annatello any more than I already have...but if I could fight crime with this bunch, I would be so happy. Really, we don't even have to fight crime. We could just hang out and get frozen yogurt and stuff. I'd be cool with that.

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