Pete Pan

8:03 AM

Last weekend I found myself sitting in a nook of a Panera restaurant with my sketchbook, ipod, and a fuji apple chicken salad...which is pretty close to perfection. I started drawing the random gentleman pictured above (dudes and trees are my go-to doodles.) He was looking a little too preppy for my taste, so I gave him shaggier hair. Still too preppy. Gave him an eyepatch. Now he was looking a little more down-to-earth. Once I finished up the drawing and really started looking at him, I couldn't shake the feeling that I knew the guy. He seemed familiar, like I knew him when we were kids. Finally I realized what he reminded me of - a short-lived TV show called "Peter Pan and the Pirates." In this version, Peter Pan had a sick ponytail that made me never want to watch the show. Even though they don't look totally alike, the dude I drew reminded me of what an adult version of that Pan might look like. He probably just goes by "Pete" by now...and I imagine he spends less time wearing tights than the old days.

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