Big Ol' Tree

8:07 AM

I like to draw little drawings. I like little, detailed doodles that fit on little pieces of paper that I can draw with my fine-tipped pens and mechanical pencils. I don't do big drawings. At least, it's a lot harder for me and I enjoy it much less. But I'm trying to push myself to create things that are new for me, which is how the wooden art shown above came to be. I decided I wanted to create a big tree piece of art, but I kept it as simple as I could. I practically copied a tree I drew a few months ago, and I drew it in sharpie (which I strongly prefer over a paintbrush.) I drew the tree while listening to Drew Barrymore get interviewed by James Lipton on Inside the Actor's Studio. Turns out Steven Spielberg is her godfather. 
My favorite part of the process was after I drew the tree, and I carted my wooden "canvas" into my bathroom to paint the wood stain all around it. I do all my wood stain work in the bathroom because it's well-ventilated, the floor is easy to clean, there's a sink nearby, and it's surprisingly well-lit. I left my wooden tree art in the bathtub to dry overnight, which I enjoyed rediscovering in the morning.

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