Tennis Hero

7:49 AM

This is what it would look like if I was a tennis-themed superhero. I've recently rediscovered my love for tennis, and then it got me thinking about how I could fight crime with tennis racquets. Remember Casey Jones,  the Ninja Turtle sidekick dude? I always thought it was so cool that he used sports equipment for weapons. I like to pretend my tennis racquet bag is a sword sheath when I'm carrying it around, which is where this idea was born in the first place. Then it became a funny idea to draw, because a tennis-racquet-weilding crimefighter is the least scary vigilante option I could think of. I had to add the cape simply because it all looked so non-threatening. But on the plus side, I could make tennis-superhero-y remarks like "The ball's in your court now" and "Revenge is a dish best 'served' cold" and see if people get the pun references. Fun to be had by all!

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  1. looks like an ace to me! the tennis-hero's mom

  2. Yes! That's another great line my tennis-superhero would use.


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