My Super Co-Workers

7:53 AM

I considered making this whole week Thor-themed, just because I enjoy the titles. I really wanted to have posts called "Truth Thor Dare" and "Thorsday Night" and "Thorget-Me-Not." But I don't have that many Thor drawings, so we're moving on - although this post was definitely inspired by seeing Thor. I think Thor's kind of a silly superhero (what with his hammer and all) and it made me want to create other equally silly superheroes. So then I started thinking about some of my coworkers and what their "silly" superhero characters would be like. The result is shown above: Silver Fox, The Black Mamba, and Cortex (whose superpower is that he's from Texas.)

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  1. holy crap.
    "whose superpower is that he's from Texas."

    This made me laugh out loud

  2. YIKES! I opened the page and there was Angie in her black spandex. And ditto on the Texas.

  3. wow. I had no idea. I love that I'm between silver fox and cortex. It's perfect.


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