My Life in Comics

7:49 AM

This is a drawing/collage I designed for an art project in college. I had to create a binder cover in one of my classes, like a cover sheet that represented whatever art medium represents me. It seemed that everyone else in my class had created paintings and still lifes and landscapes...and I made this. I love comic strips and that cartoony style, so my idea was to have me crawling out of the real world (hence the photos) and into a world of comic strips...although, now that I say that out loud, it sounds super-lame. But I enjoyed creating this, mainly because I just got to make up a dozen comic strips without having to create funny punchlines because they're all hidden. "Happy Camper" is the only one that I've ever planned out and written comics for. The rest are all just fragments of ideas and characters, and that was a lot of fun to come up with.

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  1. I LOVE THIS!!!! Mismom


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