7:40 AM

Today I drew a lumberjack. For some reason, when I sat down to draw today, I thought "What would a hipster draw?" And the answer was clear: beards, flannel, suspenders...lumberjack. So I drew a lumberjack, just his face, and I'm totally in love with this drawing. I really, really like this guy. I thought for a while about what his name should be, and I eventually decided that it should be Ezekiel, but he goes by Zeke. That's a decent lumberjack name, right? But I should warn you - lumberjacks seem all charming and manly with their beanies and boots and facial hair, but really - I've seen a few episodes of the reality show "Ax Men" and lumberjacks are apparently not the sweet rugged bachelors I've been led to believe. So anyway, I just wanted to clarify that Zeke is an unusually kind, soft-spoken lumberjack (sort of like Ferdinand the Bull, but a lumberjack), and he would totally be your friend in real life. I printed out several copies of his face because I want to try out several different ideas to fill in his beard...and I tried out a few of those digital ideas above. Lumberjack fun for all!

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  1. I like this lumberjack WAY better than the ax-men. We need a few Zekes up in your forest :)

  2. these remind me of vintage thermoses.

  3. Yes! That would be so cool to have a lumberjack thermos!

  4. I love that the tag for these is "dudes."


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