7:57 AM

This is a painting I did for my buddy/life coach/Texan coworker, Matt.
The picture on the left is a photo of Matt's favorite tree - in Texas, I think. He's a big fan of that photo.
So for his birthday, I thought it would be fun to paint his magical tree on a small canvas. I like drawing trees so it seemed like a fun task. There are a lot of branches on this tree though, which was a little tricky. I tried to copy the branches as closely as I could. We made a big fuss of celebrating this birthday for Matt at the office because we've been teasing him about being the baby of the group for years, and this is the year he turned 26 so his brain has finally stopped growing. Something to do with the cerebral cortex or frontal lobes or something...
Aaaaanyway, this is Matt's favorite tree and the painting I painted of it.

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  1. what an amazing job you did -- looks like another photo!! ventura-fan


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