Cool Necklace, Dude.

8:40 AM

This is a funny drawing I did a while back when a friend asked me to draw her a boyfriend.
To clarify: She didn't want me to draw her boyfriend, she wanted me to draw her a boyfriend. Big difference.
So I asked her what color hair she likes and whether she prefers facial hair...I get all the little details, then I draw the dude. But, for whatever reason, I thought I should give him a necklace. I meant for it to be like a puka shell necklace, but it looks kind of like a silver chain or something. Either way - it's pretty lame. When I presented this boyfriend to my friend, all she did was laugh and point at the necklace. I can't say I blame her. Now I know - never assume that a lady wants her boyfriend to be wearing a puka shell necklace. Live and learn.

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