City Sitting

7:49 AM

I mentioned yesterday that I was pretty tired and out of it when I was drawing this fact, my delirium even caused a lapse in judgement. As I was drawing the giant toddler (who actually seems like he's six or seven, right? I don't draw kids well), I kept thinking to myself "I should really draw a guy sitting on one of the buildings like it's a toilet." Which is, of course, a horrible idea. I don't know why I had that thought in the first place. But I couldn't shake it. I simply had to give it a shot. So I drew a guy sitting on the building with his pants down. And then, because it looked so inappropriate I could barely make eye contact with the drawing, I chickened out and gave him pants. This is a g-rated blog, after all. Family friendly. But, if you choose, you can probably still imagine what it looked like, and what it would be like if giants used our buildings for toilets. I for one am glad they don't.

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