7:40 AM

Today I drew a lumberjack. For some reason, when I sat down to draw today, I thought "What would a hipster draw?" And the answer was clear: beards, flannel, suspenders...lumberjack. So I drew a lumberjack, just his face, and I'm totally in love with this drawing. I really, really like this guy. I thought for a while about what his name should be, and I eventually decided that it should be Ezekiel, but he goes by Zeke. That's a decent lumberjack name, right? But I should warn you - lumberjacks seem all charming and manly with their beanies and boots and facial hair, but really - I've seen a few episodes of the reality show "Ax Men" and lumberjacks are apparently not the sweet rugged bachelors I've been led to believe. So anyway, I just wanted to clarify that Zeke is an unusually kind, soft-spoken lumberjack (sort of like Ferdinand the Bull, but a lumberjack), and he would totally be your friend in real life. I printed out several copies of his face because I want to try out several different ideas to fill in his beard...and I tried out a few of those digital ideas above. Lumberjack fun for all!



7:37 AM

One of my favorite things to do is to just start drawing aimlessly and see where I end up. I like to start a drawing not knowing how it's going to finish...sometimes. (And then sometimes I like to have it completely planned out.) But I also really, really like when sketches of two objects merge into one another, even when it's something simple like this. I started drawing a strawberry, not knowing what I wanted to do with it, and halfway through I decided that the vine should turn into an umbrella. I like it, but I realize now that the proportions of the strawberry and umbrella are not equal. I mean, in real life that strawberry would be giant. It's okay, since there's no failure in art (they beat you over the head with that in art class) but I drew a diagram to illustrate the size imbalance of the two objects in question, just for fun.

Doodle Brainstorms

8:22 AM

These are just some fun character doodles I got to do for work this winter. 
I was assigned with the task of creating doodle-like characters for a video project, and I just LOVE when I get told that I need to draw something at work! These are the pages of my rough drafts as I tried to draw the perfect little characters for our video.


7:56 AM

I like this doodle because when I started drawing, I didn't know what it was going to be. I drew a couple of leaves first, and then something that I intended to be a flower stem - but I figured, why not make them pencils? And now I really like it. I'd love if these pencilflowers grew out of the ground, so I'd always have sketching materials handy!

My Super Co-Workers

7:53 AM

I considered making this whole week Thor-themed, just because I enjoy the titles. I really wanted to have posts called "Truth Thor Dare" and "Thorsday Night" and "Thorget-Me-Not." But I don't have that many Thor drawings, so we're moving on - although this post was definitely inspired by seeing Thor. I think Thor's kind of a silly superhero (what with his hammer and all) and it made me want to create other equally silly superheroes. So then I started thinking about some of my coworkers and what their "silly" superhero characters would be like. The result is shown above: Silver Fox, The Black Mamba, and Cortex (whose superpower is that he's from Texas.)



7:55 AM

Watching the movie Thor made me really, really glad that the leaders of our nation don't wear crazy headgear.
If Obama wore a helmet like Thor's dad, Odin, I don't think I could focus on what he was saying because I'd be too distracted. Obama'd be like "I have a great plan for this country..." and I'd be like "Whatever, dude. I can't take you seriously with that helmet on." It wouldn't be very practical. But on the flip-side, it'd be nice to know that our president is that much more protected, that he's even wearing protective headgear. Maybe it's not such a bad plan after all. And Anthony Hopkins makes it look pretty studly. 
Obama should consider getting a gold eyepatch, too - just for the intimidation factor.


7:54 AM

This weekend I saw the movie Thor. I didn't love it, but I liked it enough. I'm a sucker for pretty much any movie with superheroes or superpowers. I'm an easy sell. But I will say, though I enjoyed the movie, it was a bit of a stretch for me how quickly Thor's new earthly acquaintances started accepting him, hammer and all. I think I'd be pretty weirded out if I found a dude in the middle of the desert and he started asking me what "realm" we're in. But Natalie Portman's character seemed to accept things pretty quickly. And hey, maybe I need to be less picky, less judgmental...maybe that's the lesson here. If I met Thor, it would probably be something like the picture above. I'd think he was crazy. But just because a guy is wandering through the desert claiming to be the god of thunder - that doesn't mean I shouldn't give him a chance, right?


Survivor: Suspender Island

7:46 AM

And the real winner of Survivor: Redemption Island is...............


For getting to see Grant look like such a stud in those red suspenders at the reunion show.

'Nuff said.

Tennis Hero

7:49 AM

This is what it would look like if I was a tennis-themed superhero. I've recently rediscovered my love for tennis, and then it got me thinking about how I could fight crime with tennis racquets. Remember Casey Jones,  the Ninja Turtle sidekick dude? I always thought it was so cool that he used sports equipment for weapons. I like to pretend my tennis racquet bag is a sword sheath when I'm carrying it around, which is where this idea was born in the first place. Then it became a funny idea to draw, because a tennis-racquet-weilding crimefighter is the least scary vigilante option I could think of. I had to add the cape simply because it all looked so non-threatening. But on the plus side, I could make tennis-superhero-y remarks like "The ball's in your court now" and "Revenge is a dish best 'served' cold" and see if people get the pun references. Fun to be had by all!

City Sitting

7:49 AM

I mentioned yesterday that I was pretty tired and out of it when I was drawing this city...in fact, my delirium even caused a lapse in judgement. As I was drawing the giant toddler (who actually seems like he's six or seven, right? I don't draw kids well), I kept thinking to myself "I should really draw a guy sitting on one of the buildings like it's a toilet." Which is, of course, a horrible idea. I don't know why I had that thought in the first place. But I couldn't shake it. I simply had to give it a shot. So I drew a guy sitting on the building with his pants down. And then, because it looked so inappropriate I could barely make eye contact with the drawing, I chickened out and gave him pants. This is a g-rated blog, after all. Family friendly. But, if you choose, you can probably still imagine what it looked like, and what it would be like if giants used our buildings for toilets. I for one am glad they don't.


Blown-Up Baby's Day Out

7:46 AM

This picture is the result of several things - like sleep deprivation, Tina Fey, and turbulence, to name a few.
I started this drawing on a plane. There was a time change involved and my body was so confused because it felt like 10pm but it was still sunny out (as I flew from the east coast to the west coast) and I drew this picture in stages. I started with the city. I drew the buildings, but then some turbulence shook me around as I was drawing one of the doors...and once I had an accidental swoopy line coming out of one door, I thought maybe I should make all the doors look oozy like that, like they were melting (I don't still think it was a good idea.) At the time I thought it would look like that famous painting of all the melting watches. So then after I drew the little city, I wanted to draw something in the sky to make the picture more interesting...here's where Tina Fey comes in. On this trip I had been reading her new book "Bossypants" and at one point she compares herself to the baby in the 1994 classic "Baby's Day Out." When 30 Rock was first on the air and the ratings were floundering, she compared herself to the baby because she had "the blithe confidence of a moron," unaware of all the danger that she (her show) was in. So I decided to draw the baby from "Baby's Day Out," but I accidentally got it confused with "Honey, I Blew Up the Kid." You know, the one with the giant baby running around? Sooooo, a few hours of jetlag later, this is what I had to show for myself. A giant toddler taking on the city like a red-headed King Kong. 



7:57 AM

This is a painting I did for my buddy/life coach/Texan coworker, Matt.
The picture on the left is a photo of Matt's favorite tree - in Texas, I think. He's a big fan of that photo.
So for his birthday, I thought it would be fun to paint his magical tree on a small canvas. I like drawing trees so it seemed like a fun task. There are a lot of branches on this tree though, which was a little tricky. I tried to copy the branches as closely as I could. We made a big fuss of celebrating this birthday for Matt at the office because we've been teasing him about being the baby of the group for years, and this is the year he turned 26 so his brain has finally stopped growing. Something to do with the cerebral cortex or frontal lobes or something...
Aaaaanyway, this is Matt's favorite tree and the painting I painted of it.



12:02 PM

This is the latest entry in my Walls Sketchbook (meaning I didn't draw the brick - only the ridiculous characters.) This is the beginning of what I wanted to be a team of superheroes, like the Superfriends. But I wanted it to be comprised of MY favorite superheroes (Xena: Warrior Princess might make an appearance later...) So far it's only James Bond and my childhood superhero alter-ego, Annatello. More will join. I know that James Bond and Ninja Turtles might not be what people normally consider "superheroes," but since this is my sketchbook - I get to call the shots. Mutants and hobbits and spies and turtles are welcome here.



11:49 PM

This is a pattern sample I created, without much purpose except I wanted to see if I could do it. I'd never really created a repeating-pattern design like this before, and I wasn't sure how it would work or how it would look, but it was kind of fun in the end. Besides the fact that I wish I could re-do the bird silhouette (or is it a bat? Exactly my point.), I like how it came out. I always thought it would be cool to create fabric designs. Granted, I think a pillow or curtains would look pretty silly if they were covered in this fabric...but I like that I tried something new!

Text Swirlies

7:52 AM

This is another attempt to artsy-up my favorite phrase. I like playing with text and fonts and sometimes drawing fonts by hand. 
In this case, I just printed out the typed phrase and drew the swirlies (crazy serifs on steroids) around it. It was a pretty simple way to make a boring typed phrase look artsier and cooler and definitely, definitely swirlier.


Cool Necklace, Dude.

8:40 AM

This is a funny drawing I did a while back when a friend asked me to draw her a boyfriend.
To clarify: She didn't want me to draw her boyfriend, she wanted me to draw her a boyfriend. Big difference.
So I asked her what color hair she likes and whether she prefers facial hair...I get all the little details, then I draw the dude. But, for whatever reason, I thought I should give him a necklace. I meant for it to be like a puka shell necklace, but it looks kind of like a silver chain or something. Either way - it's pretty lame. When I presented this boyfriend to my friend, all she did was laugh and point at the necklace. I can't say I blame her. Now I know - never assume that a lady wants her boyfriend to be wearing a puka shell necklace. Live and learn.

My Life in Comics

7:49 AM

This is a drawing/collage I designed for an art project in college. I had to create a binder cover in one of my classes, like a cover sheet that represented whatever art medium represents me. It seemed that everyone else in my class had created paintings and still lifes and landscapes...and I made this. I love comic strips and that cartoony style, so my idea was to have me crawling out of the real world (hence the photos) and into a world of comic strips...although, now that I say that out loud, it sounds super-lame. But I enjoyed creating this, mainly because I just got to make up a dozen comic strips without having to create funny punchlines because they're all hidden. "Happy Camper" is the only one that I've ever planned out and written comics for. The rest are all just fragments of ideas and characters, and that was a lot of fun to come up with.

Team JayJay

7:48 AM

I know right now the whole world seems to be in love with Conan O'Brien. And I get it - he seems like a nice guy, he's really funny, and some pretty crummy stuff went down at NBC. I sympathize with the guy, like the majority of America. But I also have a soft spot for Jay Leno. Some of my greatest memories were spent at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. In high school (and a little of college) I went to the Tonight Show as often as I could. I love seeing celebrities in person. I think it's fascinating. And more importantly, it was the only way that my 16-year-old self could get within 50 feet of 'N Sync. That's right. I camped out on the sidewalk in front of NBC Studios to see 'N Sync on the Tonight Show...and it was AWESOME. But I'm getting off-topic. The point I originally wanted to make is - I like Jay. I've seen him in person a lot. And whenever I've approached him with my friends (yep, I've played the role of "fan/stalker" plenty) he's been gracious and patient and always acted happy to oblige. So I'm not saying he's perfect - heck, I'm not even trying to argue that he's funnier than Conan...I just know that whenever I see Jay Leno on that stage, it brings back my Tonight Show memories, and I think that's enough to make me a Jay Leno fan indefinitely. 

Tattoos for Dustin

7:53 AM

This is an oldie-but-goodie! My friend Dustin had a tattoo-themed birthday party (yes, it was as awesome as it sounds) and this was a sketch I did to brainstorm potential tattoo ideas he could try out. He hasn't gone with  any of my ideas so far, but I'm sure he'll come around eventually. 

[To explain a few of the jokes: His cats are named Pssst and Steve, 
he's really passionate about his compost pile, and he's the one who taught me about woot.com.]


Cartoon Dad

7:57 AM

This is my dad! He's kind of a stud. I drew this for him recently, mainly for him to use as his fantasy baseball profile picture (I know, this is pretty cool stuff.) My dad's a sports statistician, so he loves numbers (and odds, stats, percentages, etc...) And since he juggles numbers (metaphorically) all day long, I think this ought to suit him just fine. 



7:47 AM

I often draw images where one item fades into another...I think it stems from my love for M.C. Escher!
This is nowhere close to being Escher-worthy, but I like that it started out as the idea of having the city fade into the countryside. At first glance, it looks like an island with a city on one side and the landscape on the other...but when you look at the details (below) you can see that there's a little portion that is half-city, half-country, like one is actually fading into the other - and that's what I like about it.


Sarcasm Shmarcasm

7:40 AM

I know I still have a lot to learn in the art of comic-strip-writing, but I enjoy it thoroughly.
I can draw Alex doing or saying just about anything, and I end up beaming with pride. There's just something about trying to write comics that makes me really happy. And I'm not even being sarcastic...

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