Whittled Tree

7:49 AM

A little while ago I thought it would be fun to take up whittling. There's something poetic about the idea of sitting on my back porch with a block of wood, carving away and letting the scraps of sawdust land at my feet...okay, I know normally it's only 70-year-old men that think whittling sounds cool...but I wanted to give it a try. So I got some basswood (from Michael's, which felt very unauthentic of me) and started whittling. I actually enjoyed it a lot, but I'm not very good at it. And I got tired of having to vaccuum up little sawdust bits whenever I whittled inside...so my whittling career was very short-lived.

But this (below) was my one whittling venture. I wanted to leave the back and one side of it flat, but then have trees growing out of the rest of it...it never did turn out how I'd hoped. So then, after months of it sitting on my shelf (with me disappointed in it), I thought maybe staining it could improve the thing. So I got some wood-stain, and now I like it waaaaay less. The stain I had was way too dark, and it doesn't even look like trees anymore. All in all, not one of my proudest moments...but I'm still happy that I gave whittling a chance!

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