Silly Pharisees...

7:52 AM

I always want to start post write-ups like this with me saying "Soooooo..." as if I'm just getting all my prefacing warmed up. Like "Soooooo...I'm not trying to say I'm like the Pharisees all the time...or that Jesus and I sit together like we're reading a children's book...or that I'm trying to preach anything  here about who or what the Pharisees were...or that I know what the Pharisees really even represent..." The point is, I'm just trying to clarify that I don't really know what I'm talking about. I need to know that you know I know that. But sometimes I find myself reading Bible stories and thinking "Boy, they really messed up here" and then I realize that it's sort of a parable about how I mess up all the time. And I in particular am a huge fan of church and rules and churchy rules (yes, really) so I often find myself relating to those silly Pharisees.
I mean, not that they're actually silly...
But they're a little silly.
And so am I. 

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