Love All.

7:48 AM

That's right, folks! Tennis art!! Yes! I know, I know, I'm sinking to new levels of dorkiness. It's just - I've been playing tennis lately and I'm really enjoying it. I played in high school and really loved it, and then I just stopped playing. I stopped playing any sports, really...and I missed it. So, desperate to regain my sporty street cred, I enrolled in a community college tennis class, which has been amusing on a number of levels. But this week particularly, I was just so grateful to have tennis back in my life. I believe yesterday I was even quoted as saying "I'm on Cloud 9 right now about tennis" when asked why I said I was having a good day. And nerdy as all this may seem, it's overflowing into my artwork in the form of a big tennis ball heart. Throw in some obligatory birds and a tree...and you've got some tennis art. Classy!

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  1. I can't wait until we can come cheer you on in your first club match :) Go Annie Go! (We'll promise to not be embarrassing).

  2. I'll be there too, but I won't make any promises like Stewey.

  3. I can totally picture it - 12 of you all lined up in the bleachers with snacks and matching shirts, cheering like crazy for every point...I love that we're that kind of bunch.


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