Dream Dude

7:50 AM

Sometimes when I'm doodling, I just want to draw menfolk. Take this guy here, for instance. His name would probably be something like Flynn or Chance or Satchel, but he seems like he's always up for adventure. He's pretty perfect actually, complete with suspenders and a cool gun holster. And yes, I'm aware that he has a quiver of arrows but no bow. I know that doesn't make sense, but I've always had a thing for guys wearing arrow quivers. Right? Ladies? I can't be the only one. Remember Legolas?? He was very dashing. Anyway, my dream guy is perhaps a bit nerdier than the average girl's dream...but at least he could hold his own in a fight against orcs or tusken raiders. And he wears a watch. I like when guys wear watches. 

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