Zombie Laser Shark!

7:34 AM

So after yesterday's post, I felt like I really owed you some zombie-laser-shark action. So here you go.
I didn't realize how gross zombies are until I googled zombie images for "research" for this drawing. Zombies are totally disgusting! I've never actually seen a zombie movie (although I did see that one episode of Community) but somehow in my mind zombies were just kind of harmless. Like big, undead puppies chasing after you. But no, actually - they're almost always bloody and creepy and oozing stuff, with weird eyes and missing limbs...what is this world's fascination with zombies? I'm officially anti-zombie, as of today. And yet, here we are. Zombie shark and all. I just had to follow through, you know? So here is a zombie laser shark, for your viewing pleasure. I don't know why he has a headband, except that I think he might secretly be an undercover ninja zombie laser shark, which really takes this drawing to the next level. I mean, the kids these days, they love the ninjas. The only thing left to make this shark cooler would be to give it a mustache...but that would just be downright silly.

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