U is for Unitard

7:33 AM

I don't know if you're aware, but U is for Unitard. That's right. Unitard.
I had a hard time choosing between unibrow, unicycle, and unicorn (and briefly considering "underoos"...get it? Briefly?), but I think the right choice was made. It's just such an awkward picture, I love it. Why does he have a top hat? Is he in the entertainment business? Is he a dancer? As an artist I like to think that each viewer can interpret this drawing differently with their own unique backstory for the gentleman. And I'm not even really positive what consists of a unitard (usually they have sleeves, right?) but I'm hoping this counts.

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  1. I totally snorted at this one :) My favorite part is his sly grin like he's just so proud of what he's wearing. Love it...

  2. with his cane and hat, he looks like a circus performer - just wish I could have seen the "unibrow" one you would have done....(Mattsquatch?) Mismom

  3. This is incredible! I love it so much!!!

  4. baugh...barry & tj used to wear unitards.


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