7:50 AM

I'm still trying to figure out how God works. I don't understand a lot of what God does or why he does it or what we're supposed to do in return. And even when I read about Jesus and who he was, I'm still pretty confused about things. I've always assumed that, if I had been around in "Jesus times," I would have been hanging out with him and we'd be BFFs and I'd be right there with him in every conversation...but I think the truth is, I'd be just as confused then as I am now. Maybe even more so. I'd be like, "Why are you talking in riddles parables?" "Why aren't you telling us what you're doing?" "Why don't you ever just answer their questions?!" And Jesus would just wink at me or something, and keep going about his business with me toddling along behind. It's almost like he wants us to trust him instead of figuring it out on our own...sigh.

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  1. the disciples had the same problem! They were always asking Jesus to EXPLAIN the parable (and He would give a heavy sigh, and wonder why they were so slow to understand, despite the fact that they were with Him all the time) So you're in good company - the boys turned out all right :)


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