Phoning It In

7:55 AM

I haven't had enough time to draw this week! So this morning I'm really lowering the bar of what is considered art and/or blogworthy. Last night I drew a couple of things on a magna doodle, and that's what we're going with today. Here you go.

The picture on the left is a dog. He's saying the word "dog" because we were talking about a little boy that is just starting to talk, but he can say "dog" and he uses that word to refer to lots of different things (and people.)  The guy on the right is no one in particular. Maybe he's the dog's owner?

Here on the left we have a martini glass with a cherry in it. For whatever reason, I thought it would be fun to draw a martini glass with something other than an olive. Are cherries ever used in real life? That seems like it would taste good. Or maybe grapes. And finally, we end with my favorite of the series: Annatello, my Ninja Turtle alter-ego. That's right, you heard me. I spent a lot of my childhood with my fingers taped together so I had only three fingers on each hand like the Ninja Turtles. My mom sewed me my own mask to wear when crime-fighting. I practiced twirling broomsticks so I'd know how to fight with a bo staff if the opportunity ever arose (which it hasn't. Still waiting.) A part of me will always be Annatello, and I'm glad I could immortalize that here today.

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