Live What You Love.

7:49 AM

 I feel like my blog has been kind of boring lately - all trees and watercolors and mushy stuff. Today isn't much better, but I worked pizza into the equation, so that's a good start. Lately I've been wanting to draw an old-school phonograph (aka record-player-thingy) but I didn't really know what should be shooting out of it. So I went for the sappy angle on my first try (above) and got sillier as time went on (below).

This is a phonograph with pizza coming out of it. I wanted it to be kind of hidden, like maybe it wouldn't be noticeable right away....but then I did a color version where the pizza slice is more obvious. And that's all for today. I'll try to liven the blog up tomorrow with something more exciting, like lasers or zombies or sharks. Of course, now I feel the need to combine all three...

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