Do you want to be well?

7:48 AM

I always feel so cheesy trying to explain these things...
It's just, sometimes I forget that I need Jesus. Life seems pretty great sometimes, just how it is.
It doesn't feel like I need help from anybody - rather, it doesn't feel like I'm "sick," in need of being healed. I have to be reminded from time to time. Because in reality, I am far from perfect, far from having things figured out, and very, very far from comprehending how much healing God is actually capable of doing in my life if I let him.

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  1. I have quickly fallen in love with your Art and blog. I would love to bee drawn by you some time. I'm a nationally touring Christian comedian and think it would be uber cool to have one of your pics on a poster or website. (sorry for the uber usage - I'm also a nerd who like Firefly et al)

  2. This is very refreshing! I am so tired of seeing all these artists putting inverted crosses and "666" on everything because it's somehow trendy these days. Thank you for not being ashamed of the gospel! keep up the good work. my prayers are with you and yours...

    In Christ,

    Andrew Cobb (Pastor, Tattooer, Artist, Shop Owner)

  3. From: Sam Kirubaharan ~

    I Love This Annie :)

    Posted this in my facebook page , plz check it out, hope u wont sue me for using it :)


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