Cardboard Trees

7:56 AM

I admit, this is not my of my finest works of art. I clearly didn't spend much time on this, so I guess the end result is what I deserve. I mean, it’s fine. I like it at first glance, but when I actually hold it in my hands, it’s very clear that I just threw a little paint on a piece of cardboard, drew a tree with a Sharpie, and called it art. I think I need to move away from drawing on cardboard. I don’t know why, but it’s like I think I’m clever for using it as a medium. Which is not the case at all. I know that. 

It wasn't until I started messing with the colors in Photoshop that I really started to appreciate this little cardboard tree...
Maybe it's just meant to be viewed in pairs or triplets. I like when trees look like they're holding hands... 
You could say I'm kind of sappy - get it?! (Gosh, why doesn't the world love puns the way I do?)

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