Bulletin Bored.

7:52 AM

So, today's post isn't really a drawing post, but it's artsy...and it's all that I have to show for my artistic efforts yesterday.
This is a bulletin board I have up in my bedroom:
I got this bulletin board about five years ago, and I thought it would be super-creative to montage a bunch of photos all over it. I was pretty proud of this idea at the time. I figured out that I could print on tracing paper in my printer, and my hope was that the photos would be a little transparent and it would almost look like I printed right onto the cork of the bulletin board. But it didn't come out nearly as awesome as I was hoping, and the pictures continually curl at the edges and start to peel off. Anyway, I'm always this close to tearing them all off and having a normal bulletin board again. Lately I've been considering getting rid of the bulletin board altogether, since I always end up just sticking random stuff on it.

But last night, after giving all the pictures a new coat of spray-glue and modge podge, I decided that my bulletin board is going to serve as a place of inspiration from now on. I want to use it to hang things that I want to look at - not phone lists and receipts and addresses, like before. I definitely want to keep adding to it (since right now there's not much "inspiration" here), but it's a start. 

Come on, you can't be surprised that "M is for Mullet" made it on there. That's inspiration gold.
And the tree on the right is actually a tree-shaped bookshelf that I saw in Martha Stewart Living. I can't stop dreaming about it. I love it. Mark my words, I will create something like that in my house someday. The real thing costs $2,500 (not going to happen), so I'm going to have to get really crafty on my own...unless of course I marry a carpenter and then I'll put him to work.

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  1. love the picture of you and Jim-from-the-office....


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