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7:45 AM

This isn't my best comic. I realize that. But how often are comics actually laugh-out-loud funny? Not that often.
Sometimes I get so frustrated when I have a funny idea in my head but then, after I take the time to draw it out and create it, I don't think it's funny any more. That's sort of what happened here. So...because this isn't my best work, I'm throwing in some bonus artwork today! That's right, two for the price of one!

Yesterday I was working on a family portrait for my friends Josh and Heather...I started by taking the Michael art I made last week, then I duplicated him and started the process of changing them into Josh and Heather. I haven't gotten very far yet, but at one point I just stood back and looked at my screen and laughed at how I still had these half-Michael characters staring back at me, surrounded by so many reference pictures of Josh and Heather. Anyway, this is a screen capture of my computer as I was working on it - I thought it was funny. (And yes, I have Vista. Don't mock me.)

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  1. you are the best! I am so excited!!


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