V is for Ventriloquist

7:49 AM

You how sometimes pets and their owners start to look alike? The same kind of thing is happening here.
V is most certainly for ventriloquist. As my friends and I were brainstorming the other night about what things should go with what letters, this was one that I got really excited to draw. Yes, V is for ventriloquist. Not violins or vultures or even vendettas. I tried to make the dummy look creepy - I remember seeing a Twilight Zone episode where a ventriloquist dummy comes to life and now it's hard for me to believe that a ventriloquist dummy is ever not pure evil. I think the other guy's cute, though. I've always been a sucker for bowties and big ears.

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  1. are you going the rest of the alphabet? I see a wonderful children's book in the making...mismom

  2. We'll see...but I never seem to finish anything!


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