Street Fighting

7:59 AM

When I was a kid, I loved the video game Street Fighter. I played it on my Sega Genesis and I still have very fond memories of the time that my street fighters and I spent together. I had a big crush on Ryu, who's the one I was trying to draw on the left. I was just drawing these guys from memory, but I now realize that I forgot to give Ryu a sleeveless top so his biceps can show...that's kind of his best feature. I can't believe I drew him with sleeves. Ryu would be so disappointed in me. The guy he's fighting here is supposed to be Guile, but he also doesn't look quite right. His pants are supposed to be camo but they make me think of cowhide. I never liked Guile. I think we were supposed to want to root for him because he was an American war veteran or something (and he was the star of the 1994 Street Fighter movie), but I never thought he was cute. He had weird hair. So I drew him facing off against Ryu here, and I think we both know that Ryu's about to work his magic. Lights out for Guile.

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  1. I love that you drew the street fighters actually fighting on the street. Clever. PS: last night I watched Survivor on Youtube and I am soooooo sad I can't be in the room with you guys as I'm watching. Can we just call Phil the new Coach? :)


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