Magna Doodles

7:49 AM

 Yesterday I was very tired and didn't have much time to draw.
The only drawings I did were on a magna-doodle, so I just uploaded them here for your viewing pleasure:

The picture on the left was supposed to be my friend Dustin. His ears aren't really that big.
The picture on the right is supposed to be half-man and half-lady.

The drawing on the left is a unicorn with a goatee. The picture on the right is a triple-cycle. Like, a bike for three. I was just trying to find a way to use the circular magnet that comes with the magna-doodle...I used it to make the wheels.

This one here on the left came to be because a coworker of mine sent me a work email yesterday - and it contained two work questions, and then the question "If you could have a unicorn, a sasquatch, or a loch ness monster as a pet, which would you choose?" I had a very hard time deciding between the three. None of them are very easy pets to take care of, especially in the mountains where I live. I suppose the sasquatch would be most at home...anyway, that's why I drew a picture of a sasquatch riding a unicorn next to a loch ness monster. And then somebody mentioned centaurs and I tried to draw one...but he sort of has a lion body and the transition of human-to-horse seems to have an awkward tuft of hair around it...apparently drawing centaurs is not my strong suit. But hey, now I know!

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  1. Huh... I always pictured a centaur with long flowing hair... masculine, of course, but flowey. You seem to have given him a very neat and tidy crewcut. Curious for a forest dwelling, make-believe creature.
    Yes, I feel like a total geek right now...

  2. Laura was watching me draw him from the head-down, and right when she said, "Aww, he's cute" I was like "OR IS HE?!" and drew him with a centaur body. I was just trying to be unpredictable.

  3. Hahahah! You're such a loose cannon :)


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