Doodle Day

7:50 AM

Lately I've been drawing in my Walls Notebook again, and here's the latest page. 
Now, as a reminder - this sketchbook is the one with different walls as backgrounds...I always end up getting undeserved compliments on my brick-drawing skills after these, but I only drew the doodles. They're pretty random here - most of the faces are just make-believe people. They're no one specific. But the girl in the top row is sort of me and the guy at the bottom is a "schmoozier" version of my dad. He doesn't have a flavor-saver in real life. And the weird lady in the vest and turtleneck was originally going to be a version of Liz Lemon from 30 Rock...but that didn't work out so well. I drew a tennis racket and ball because I'm taking a tennis class, and I started to draw a second tennis ball but when I drew it crooked I made it into an egg instead. Then that made me want to draw a chicken (but it looks more like a turkey) and then that made me think of roosters and that made me want to draw the alarm clock next to it. But my favorite part of this whole page is probably the guy who has a shark fin on his back, or the guy with the bunny ears.

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  1. the schmoozer-dad at the bottom is hot (and he used to have a mustache....) mismom

  2. the bottom guy looks like chris wolfe


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