Doodle Part Two-dle

7:35 AM

Here's the completed page of my Walls Sketchbook that I started a few days ago. I like the right half of the doodles much better than the left half. I enjoy that it's more spaced out than the doodles on the left. Lately I've been craving a good hamburger, so I drew that, but then it seemed like a fun idea to have people climbing on it. I love the kids jumping from the giant burger to the tree (even though it makes no sense) and I think it's funny that a kid is piloting his own paper airplane above them. I like that doodling often takes you somewhere you weren't planning - when I sat down to draw, my intent was not to draw burger climbers and paper airplane pilots. But here we are.


Street Fighting

7:59 AM

When I was a kid, I loved the video game Street Fighter. I played it on my Sega Genesis and I still have very fond memories of the time that my street fighters and I spent together. I had a big crush on Ryu, who's the one I was trying to draw on the left. I was just drawing these guys from memory, but I now realize that I forgot to give Ryu a sleeveless top so his biceps can show...that's kind of his best feature. I can't believe I drew him with sleeves. Ryu would be so disappointed in me. The guy he's fighting here is supposed to be Guile, but he also doesn't look quite right. His pants are supposed to be camo but they make me think of cowhide. I never liked Guile. I think we were supposed to want to root for him because he was an American war veteran or something (and he was the star of the 1994 Street Fighter movie), but I never thought he was cute. He had weird hair. So I drew him facing off against Ryu here, and I think we both know that Ryu's about to work his magic. Lights out for Guile.


Cardboard City

7:41 AM

Yesterday I saw a piece of cardboard in the trash and decided to take it out and draw on it.
I don't think I've ever really drawn on cardboard before, so I was curious if it would be fun. The "buildings" on the sides are where I just outlined the packing tape that was stuck on the cardboard because I didn't know what else to do with it. I watercolored the part behind the tree, and I decided I wanted to draw the tree super-huge compared to the buildings. Maybe it's like a giant monster-tree that can walk around and could potentially fight Godzilla if the need arises.


Doodle Day

7:50 AM

Lately I've been drawing in my Walls Notebook again, and here's the latest page. 
Now, as a reminder - this sketchbook is the one with different walls as backgrounds...I always end up getting undeserved compliments on my brick-drawing skills after these, but I only drew the doodles. They're pretty random here - most of the faces are just make-believe people. They're no one specific. But the girl in the top row is sort of me and the guy at the bottom is a "schmoozier" version of my dad. He doesn't have a flavor-saver in real life. And the weird lady in the vest and turtleneck was originally going to be a version of Liz Lemon from 30 Rock...but that didn't work out so well. I drew a tennis racket and ball because I'm taking a tennis class, and I started to draw a second tennis ball but when I drew it crooked I made it into an egg instead. Then that made me want to draw a chicken (but it looks more like a turkey) and then that made me think of roosters and that made me want to draw the alarm clock next to it. But my favorite part of this whole page is probably the guy who has a shark fin on his back, or the guy with the bunny ears.

Eiffel Tower

7:35 AM

This is a random one...I just decided I wanted to draw the Eiffel Tower. I really like how I drew it, but I wish I had styled it more somehow, so it looked more like a drawing. Once it was finished, I thought it was kind of boring, so I added some birds. Still pretty boring - so I painted some sky/clouds above it to give it some color. Still feeling rather undecided about it all, I tried different color variations, and that's how we got here. I kind of liked how it looks with the three versions next to each other, so I left it that way. I know it doesn't really make any sense to have three Eiffel Towers sitting side by side, but that's how I roll.


Dangers in Cat-Sitting

7:53 AM

I've been cat-sitting for my friends this week. It's been nice. I don't have cable TV, so it feels thrilling to be able to watch USA or HGTV for a few hours...I snuggle up with the cats (Pssst and Steve) and draw and relax and it's just a nice change of pace from my normal routine. Since I'm there with no one to judge me, I drop all my stuff on the floor in piles and place myself on the couch for hours at a time. It's not that I necessarily need to watch a Punk'd marathon...it's just that normally I don't have the opportunity. This weekend was like a tiny glimpse into what it would be like if I lived alone...I seriously think I might watch TV all day. Not to mention the cats - it's like I became an honorary crazy cat lady! If my life ever turns into a steady routine of nothing but TV and cats, please find me and have an intervention (kind of like Liz Lemon's friends did on 30 Rock this week.) 
But for one week...for one restful, guilt-free, relaxing week, I think it was just what I needed.


All Grown Up

7:56 AM

Sometimes I feel so silly writing anything about pictures like this. Clearly this is a cheesy drawing and I don't really feel like it needs much explanation. I don't want anyone thinking I'm taking myself too seriously here. Besides, I don't know if I can sincerely communicate anything beneath a picture of Cartoon Jesus holding a cartoon plant version of me. So I'll keep it short and sweet: Sometimes I think I've got everything figured out. But I don't. And I'm realizing more and more that I still have a lot of learning ahead of me. Maybe I'm not so grown up after all.


Salty Snow

7:46 AM

I really want it to snow today. I really, really do.
That's the gist of what inspired this drawing...I just want to play in the snow.
But the idea of just drawing someone playing in the snow seemed too boring, so I made it salt instead.
Think of it as a shout-out to my favorite Angelina Jolie spy movie.


V is for Ventriloquist

7:49 AM

You how sometimes pets and their owners start to look alike? The same kind of thing is happening here.
V is most certainly for ventriloquist. As my friends and I were brainstorming the other night about what things should go with what letters, this was one that I got really excited to draw. Yes, V is for ventriloquist. Not violins or vultures or even vendettas. I tried to make the dummy look creepy - I remember seeing a Twilight Zone episode where a ventriloquist dummy comes to life and now it's hard for me to believe that a ventriloquist dummy is ever not pure evil. I think the other guy's cute, though. I've always been a sucker for bowties and big ears.

Office Dudes

7:56 AM

These were attempts to draw Dwight (Rainn Wilson) and Jim (John Krasinski) from the show "The Office."
I'm a bit sad that the Jim drawing didn't come out better...I'd rather have a good Jim sketch lying around than a good Dwight sketch, but I'll take what I can get. At least they're sort of recognizable, which is a good start on my continual quest to be able to draw people. I'm a loyal fan of The Office, even though the show's humor has fizzled a bit since the old days (and yes, by "old days" I'm referring to 2005). Remember when Jim moved Dwight's desk into the men's restroom? Or when he faxed Dwight from the future? Or when all of Dwight's stuff ended up in the vending machine?...Sigh. I miss those days. And I'd like to personally start a petition to get John Krasinski to grow his hair out again. I miss his shaggy hair...it was a big part of why I loved the show so much in the first place.


Valentine Jesus

7:52 AM

Look, I get what people mean when they say that Jesus is going to be their valentine...
But it still weirds me out.


Magna Doodles

7:49 AM

 Yesterday I was very tired and didn't have much time to draw.
The only drawings I did were on a magna-doodle, so I just uploaded them here for your viewing pleasure:

The picture on the left was supposed to be my friend Dustin. His ears aren't really that big.
The picture on the right is supposed to be half-man and half-lady.

The drawing on the left is a unicorn with a goatee. The picture on the right is a triple-cycle. Like, a bike for three. I was just trying to find a way to use the circular magnet that comes with the magna-doodle...I used it to make the wheels.

This one here on the left came to be because a coworker of mine sent me a work email yesterday - and it contained two work questions, and then the question "If you could have a unicorn, a sasquatch, or a loch ness monster as a pet, which would you choose?" I had a very hard time deciding between the three. None of them are very easy pets to take care of, especially in the mountains where I live. I suppose the sasquatch would be most at home...anyway, that's why I drew a picture of a sasquatch riding a unicorn next to a loch ness monster. And then somebody mentioned centaurs and I tried to draw one...but he sort of has a lion body and the transition of human-to-horse seems to have an awkward tuft of hair around it...apparently drawing centaurs is not my strong suit. But hey, now I know!



7:41 AM

Sometimes I draw things, and then later I wonder why I wasted my time drawing that drawing at all.
Like today. What is this?! What am I supposed to do with a picture of a cartoon bear riding a motorcycle?! At the time, it seemed like such a fun, light-hearted project. At work today my coworkers and I started talking about...I don't know...circuses, maybe? Something random. Anyway, so then Michael mentioned that one time (in Russia, I think) he saw bears riding motorcycles. Not driving on the roads - it was part of an act, like in a circus. But Michael said it was really sad because these poor bears have to ride motorcycles all day and bears aren't meant to ride motorcycles all day (so he says). So naturally I thought it would be a good idea to draw a really happy bear riding a motorcycle. And that's how we got here.


Judge Annie

7:50 AM

Yesterday I was drawing and drawing and drawing - to the point that my hand was seriously cramping - but I didn't really finish anything. I'm kind of working on five projects at once right now, and while I'm excited about them, it's leaving little for the bloggity blog. So today we get an oldie instead.

I drew this a few years ago, representing how judgemental I can be sometimes. I don't mean to be - it's just that sometimes (okay, a lot of the time) I think I know best. I think I know who's right and who's wrong and I can get all caught up in everyone else's actions...which is not how it's supposed to work. The usual clarifiers apply: I don't mean for Jesus to look white, I know the robe is cliche, I know how cheesy it is to draw me having conversations with Cartoon Jesus...but all that being said, I'm rather fond of this drawing, and I ought to hang it up on my wall to remind me to leave the judging to someone else.

The Royal Tenenbaums

7:43 AM

I love this style of drawing! Until recently, it had been a long time since I've created anything in Illustrator.
Sure, I prefer to hand-draw things most of the time, and that sketchy vibe is what I consider my "drawing style," but that doesn't mean I can't branch out every once in a while. I'm currently working on several cartoon Illustrator creations similar to the one above, and I'm enjoying myself thoroughly.

I'm not one of those people who's obsessed with the Royal Tenenbaums. You know how some people are obsessed with this movie? Right, well, I'm not one of them. I prefer sugar-coated happy endings and characters that make me feel like we could be great friends in real life (think Jennifer Garner.) The Tenenbaums, however, are not known for chipper attitudes and happy endings. But man, this movie has style! Right? Take it or leave it, but the Royal Tenenbaums is a unique movie with a unique style and I think that's why I found myself wanting to caricature the characters.


Winter Is...

7:49 AM

Sooooo maybe this drawing is a bit gross.
This is another one that I thought would be funny, but then in reality it's sort of weird.
For the record, leg hair never grows that long.
I'd also like to clarify that this is not a self-portrait.


Mullet Fail

7:55 AM

I just had to share this with you. This was the first attempt at my "M is for Mullet" drawing.
Don't worry, I was going to draw him pants. I just never finished. I gave up when I realized I didn't want to draw whatever he was leaning on. I will say - this guy really captures the carefree attitude of the typical mullet-wearer, and if I'd had the tenacity to draw him a big bro truck to lean on, this guy could have worked out just fine.


Summer Is...

7:42 AM

I don't know why I come up with these things...at the time, I thought it was clever.
I thought it would be funny to have a series of drawings for the different seasons, with each one highlighting a different "trait" of the season. This is kind of a ridiculous one to start with, but alas, it's the only one I've finished. I originally drew the human guy (below) but then I thought it was lame, so I tried it with hippos and now it's much cuter. 
Lesson learned - things always look better as hippos!


Work In Progress

7:45 AM

This isn't my best comic. I realize that. But how often are comics actually laugh-out-loud funny? Not that often.
Sometimes I get so frustrated when I have a funny idea in my head but then, after I take the time to draw it out and create it, I don't think it's funny any more. That's sort of what happened here. So...because this isn't my best work, I'm throwing in some bonus artwork today! That's right, two for the price of one!

Yesterday I was working on a family portrait for my friends Josh and Heather...I started by taking the Michael art I made last week, then I duplicated him and started the process of changing them into Josh and Heather. I haven't gotten very far yet, but at one point I just stood back and looked at my screen and laughed at how I still had these half-Michael characters staring back at me, surrounded by so many reference pictures of Josh and Heather. Anyway, this is a screen capture of my computer as I was working on it - I thought it was funny. (And yes, I have Vista. Don't mock me.)


H is for Hipster

7:51 AM

First of all - I know it seems like I'm obsessed with my coworker, Michael.
I draw him all the time. He's just fun to caricature (I've been over this.)
But as I was trying to draw "H is for Hipsters", I just thought it would be more fun if the hipsters were actually based on real people instead of made-up ones. I just had to draw Michael again, right? He's the only guy I know who wears v-necks and Toms and skinny jeans. It's the closest I've ever been to a real, live hipster. And I should also point out - I still don't really know what hipsters are. I'm not sure how they dress or what they look like but I do know they like bicycles. And beards. So that's something. Anyway, this drawing ended up being loosely based on Michael and his wife Faith, who I'm sure dresses much better than the cartoon version here. Don't judge Faith based on this. And I don't know if Michael and Faith are actually considered hipsters, but I'm pretty sure they're hip...and that's close enough for me.

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